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Sean Croghan

Territory Manager

Coming from a family of six kids, my childhood revolved around schoolwork and sports and I wouldn’t change that for anything. We would play any and every sport available and when high school came around, I was dedicated to football and baseball at Santa Cruz High. In those years, I met lifelong friends and made so many great memories. Studying Finance at Santa Clara University has given me the opportunity to work in the Financial Planning and Analysis arena for many years with some amazing companies in Silicon Valley and in Austin, TX. And now, I get to enjoy watching my nieces and nephews grow up with the same love for sports and competition that my siblings and I shared. With Vertical Raise, I am able to combine my passion for sports with a professional background in the finance world to help build up local sports teams, clubs, music programs and budding artists. We all understand money should never be the focal point of such transformative activities. This platform gives me the ability to ease the pressure of fundraising for our local coaches and leaders and allow them to focus on the game plan - which is shaping young lives.

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Real Vertical Raise Fundraisers

Los Gatos Football Fundraiser

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of $60,000 goal

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Bowie Band March A Thon Fundraiser

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of $55,000 goal

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Grand Rapids Storm AAU Basketball Drive

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of $12,500 goal

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