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Social Distancing Fundraiser Ideas for Schools

Social Distancing Fundraiser Ideas for Schools

Looking for no-contact ways to raise money? You’re at the right place. Look at these social distancing fundraiser ideas for schools right now!

Creative Ways Dance Studios Can Raise Money

Creative Ways Dance Studios Can Raise Money

Go beyond traditional fundraisers to raise funds for your studio. Consider these creative ways dance studios can raise money and bring in donations!

Fundraising is crucial for AAU basketball teams for several reasons:

Covering expenses: AAU basketball teams have numerous expenses, including uniforms, equipment, travel costs, tournament fees, and coaching fees. Fundraising can help cover these expenses and ensure that the team can participate in events…

Why Fundraisers Are Important for School Football Teams

Top 10 reasons to use Vertical Raise for your Sports Team Fundraising

Keep players on the field and let them enjoy their favorite sport. Discover why fundraisers are important for school football teams with this quick post!

4 Common School Fundraiser Mistakes To Avoid

If you have an upcoming fundraiser for the school program you’re in charge of, this list of common mistakes to avoid will be invaluable to you.

4 Unique Crowdfunding Ideas for Baseball Teams

If your baseball team is good at pulling in large crowds, then you’ll likely benefit from these unique crowdfunding ideas to bring in more money.

Debunking 4 Common Myths About Online Fundraising Platforms

For years, sports and school programs have been searching for new ways to raise funds for their organizations. There are a decent number of options available, but one of the newest ones that…

6 Fun Fundraising Ideas for School Marching Bands

Despite receiving funds from the school, running a band can be expensive, especially if your program participates in marching band in the spring and fall. Needing to buy instruments that only get used…