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Des Moines Area

Tony Camero

Territory Manager

I have been community-oriented since I can remember. I am someone who is always involved in volunteer efforts and local projects. As a sales person and entrepreneur, it's important to me that my work is aligned with these values of contribution and community. This is why I am so enthusiastic about my work with Vertical Raise. My work with your school sports or arts programs allows me the great fortune of engaging in work that is aligned with my values while also inspiring young people all across the State who are working to be exceptional in their sports or artistic programs. I look forward to working with you, showing you what our tools can do, and cutting you a fat check. #lovethisjob

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Real Vertical Raise Fundraisers

Los Gatos Football Fundraiser

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of $60,000 goal

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Bowie Band March A Thon Fundraiser

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of $55,000 goal

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Grand Rapids Storm AAU Basketball Drive

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of $12,500 goal

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