Drumzup Gunzdown Hear Our Voices We Are One Fundraiser

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$ 2,000Fundraiser Goal
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Drumzup Gunzdown Hear Our Voices We Are One Fundraiser

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    Christopher LeCompte
    25 days ago

    “Amazing cause, keep up the fantastic work.”

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    Bill B Bagley
    53 days ago

    “A Great Cause! We Must End Gun Violence!”

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    Shani Williams
    20 days ago
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    20 days ago
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    22 days ago
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    About This Fundraiser

    My name is Vanne Hoskins, but most people know me as, Kandi.  I am the founder of Drumz Up Gunz Down.  In 2022, gun violence took the life of my 22 year old younger brother, Antwain  Hoskins. This tragedy inspired me to launch this organization here, in the city of Fayetteville and surrounding areas , in  North Carolina.
         The mission of our organization is to decrease the gun violence in and around our surrounding areas, by providing youth with a positive, musically inspired outlet. Focusing more  on drums and percussion. After the death of my brother, I was  inspired to put together a team of individuals to begin brainstorming on how to identify a solution to the growing problem of gun violence. 
     After much thought, Drumz Up Gunz Down, was born. Our organization came to life based upon the passion that my younger brother had for playing the drums.It became therapeutic for him. In his honor, we held our first event in 2022, and since then, have held an annual event in our city.
         In the first year , we were able to host an event that encouraged over 150 kids and their families together.This was such an amazing feeling knowing that we brought our community together. On that day, we provided over 100 kids with drumsticks, gift cards to families that lost a loved one to gun violence,  and back to school essentials for children also.
         With our community partners, the second year was better than the first.  Through in-kind donations, we were able to serve over 250 kids and their families. We provided these kids not only with  drum sticks but also drum sets.10 children were able  to have their very own drum sets to take home free of charge in hopes that the beat of the drum would become therapeutic for them. We were also able to provide back-to-school haircuts, gift baskets to parents and so much more.One child was given a  PS5, based on a poem that was written about gun violence. He explained how important it was to make positive decisions by finding ways to learn how to fall in love with positive music.He also spoke about how gun violence has made him feel unsafe and how he would like to able to go out and play but being terrified of what gun violence has done in our city he feels like is never safe and wants change,His poem touched every heart in the building. People from all over had a chance to hear how a child felt and that is why they need to be heard as well.
         Compared to last year the homicide rate in our city in 2022, was 44 lives.  In 2023, there were 49 souls. In the year 2024 the numbers are growing rapidly and we are only half way through the year. We truly desire to decrease that number significantly. In the coming years we feel we can do that by drawing our community together,offering resources,employment, and other activities for our youth, troubled teens, and families.As a whole we have to come together to make this change.This is the only way we can make a difference.
         Therefore, we have decided to take a leap of faith by taking charge and creating a positive outlet for everyone. Music is something that we all utilize each and every day.Adding the beat of a drum is a way that people can use to bring joy into their lives. We know that by placing drumsticks in the hands of a child they will learn how to use them by creating a beat no matter how old they are.Our hopes are that children will fall in love with the beat of a drum and make beautiful sounds with them.We want to be able to assist in areas that children and families may be facing and we want to be able to address those issues when they need help. 
    What we need.We need a place that will allow us to be able to host a life changing event.An event that will never be forgotton.This is our third year hosting an event and we want to continue to save our children's lives. How can we that you make ask.I am so glad you asked.We want to be able to allow these young to come to our event with taking something with them that they may not have had when they came.We have speakers that are going to speak life into these children.Remind them of how great they are and how great they will be.The message of falling in love with music will continue to remain on their minds from the beats of the drums.So much laughter and joy wrapped around these children. Entertainment that they will never forget.Being able to engage with other children from other schools builds positive relationships were competitors ect won't have to feel like everything is competition, We need this program to happen.Which is why we need to use your school this year for our program.There will be a connection from all areas of this program for our youth.Isn't this what we all want. Children are happy and joyful and carismic. I see a change.I just need you to see the change with me.
    By supporting this event you would be in the forefront of knowing that you had a big part to play in rescuing kids and saving their lives. I believe in this organization and I know what we can accomplish. If we come together. 
         Through partnering with us, we will provide a life changing outlet for kids to express themselves in productive ways. You will assist in increasing our effectiveness to serve the youth in our community, with an alternative way of spending their time.  This will help us to ensure a bright, fulfilling and most successful future for each and every person who attends our events.
         Partnering with us will help grow our services to offer the following: mentoring programs for musical lessons and tutoring of multiple musical instruments.  Along with other programs that have been proven by evidence-based research to decrease the homicide rate in our city. 
         We can not fight this battle alone, so thank you in advance,  not only for your time, but for your support.We all want to see a difference.We all are tired of seeing children of all ages and other loved ones lose their lives to gun violence. Together, we can facilitate efforts to reach our youth and tackle these very serious and real life issues.  There is a bright future for our city and all those who dwell in it."Hear Our Voices We Are One"
         Please, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  All the best,
                         Ms. Vanne (Kandi) Hoskins




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