New Hyde Park Cougars 2023 Season

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$ 15,000Fundraiser Goal
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New Hyde Park Cougars 2023 Season

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About This Fundraiser

The Cougars, a boys under-16 team, is one of the most successful teams New Hyde Park has produced in recent memory. Today, it's rare for “town teams” to play at a high level because for-profit soccer academies charging $3000-6000/year lure away the best players. But the Cougars, with two volunteer coaches and 30 players hailing from 19 different towns, have improved year-over-year and shot up the rankings to #10 in the state of New York (#106 out of 3,900 in the USA and Canada, or the 97th percentile).

We believe soccer should not be a for-profit sport, thus, the Cougars have become the home of many new players year after year due to our low-cost-but-highly-successful model that emphasizes player development, a positive culture of hard work, brotherhood, sportsmanship and fun.

Most of our boys plan to play in college, but to do so, the Cougars need exposure in college showcases. Given our high ranking and level of play, the boys look forward to playing in top tournaments up and down the East Coast, from Florida to New England and beyond. 

In choosing to support the Cougars, you will play a huge part in helping our young men test their skills against the best competition in the nation in front of hundreds of college coaches, as well as to enjoy some once-in-a-lifetime experiences on their way to adulthood. Specifically, you will help us pay for the following:

  • A trip to Florida to play in a 3-day invitational tournament against the top teams in the nation.
  • 4-5 regional college showcases in Baltimore, Boston, Virginia, New Jersey, and maybe more.
  • An AI-based game filming system called Veo, used to capture game video for all games so that the boys can assemble critical highlights of their play, essential in the college recruiting process.
  • A subscription to the FieldLevel platform, the LinkedIn of college athletics recruiting, required to help the boys to connect to colleges and coaches, and to showcase their game film online.
  • Access to winter practice facilities, costing $300-400 per hour, to allow the boys to train year-round, just as other highly competitive teams do.

We hope you will consider supporting our players in whatever way you can. 

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