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Kansas City

Christy Stockdale

Territory Sales Representative

I am Southwest Baptist College Athlete, and a Graduate a few times, Mom, Teacher, Coach, Official, and a family lady. I am a sport enthusiastic and have been in the education and sports arena for 25 years. My son Hunter played baseball and we traveled all over America for sports. He is now 23 in the fishing industry. I enjoy all activities outdoors, working out, sporting events, music, dance, and spending time with my family. I love the opportunities we provide for all of our students in a private and public sector to be engaged and part of the bigger picture to be successful in life. I truly understand the need for funds to adequately support our student body in an activity they have chosen to commit and dedicate their time. I have been that mom, that coach, and that teacher who had to figure it out how to get the funds needed to be successful. My commitment to your program and raising the optimal amount of money is my priority. Iā€™m in it to win it for YOU!!! Lets Goooooo!!!

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Real Vertical Raise Fundraisers

Sandpoint Football Fundraiser

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of $100,000 goal

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Allen Band and Colorguard Drive 2023

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of $70,000 goal

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Saint Marks SPARTATHON Fundraiser

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of $25,000 goal

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