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Tyonna Outland

Associate Sales Representative

Originally from compton California , raised for majority of my life in a single parent home. Persevered through figuring out a lot of obstacles faced in my path such as being homeless. I take pride in my past because it shaped my character and who I am today. I used all of the things that were set in front of me as motivation to make my mom proud. I am the oldest of 4 and it was my desire to be a role model to them. I graduated from Lynwood highschool in 2010 and was top 5 of the class. Received a scholarship to play at csub and graduated with a degree in criminal justice and minor in kinesiology. Proceeded to participate in sparks camp which I was cut from and took my talents to Spain ( island of Tenerife ) to prolong my career. I retired back after my mom became sick with blood clots. I am a huge believer in family first and I love to give back in anyway I can to my community. I transitioned from coaching at Cal state University of Bakersfield to building my own brand and starting our development program back up in Lynwood, California. I am proud of who I have become through the things I endured and will continue to put God first ! I am grateful to be welcomed by such a great company and plan on being successful through my eagerness and determination to get the job done, which has brought me to this point in my life.

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