Use our online donation platform to raise money for your restaurant business or your employees during this difficult time.

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    With all that is going on with the COVID-19 Virus, a lot of restaurants and small businesses need financial help. Run a Vertical Raise online fundraiser to help relief some of that financial burden. We utilize email, text messaging and social media campaigns to exponentially increase the reach of your fundraiser. Our platform also rewards donors with free access to our Vertical Discounts App. You can sign your business up on our rewards platform for no upfront cost and help drive new customers to your door. Please contact us above for more information or if you would like to setup a fundraiser for your business or employees.

    Vertical Raise Business Fundraisers

    Daily Grill Restaurant Fundraiser

    band fundraisers


    of $5,000 goal

    The Omega Restaurant – Employee Relief Fund

    band fundraisers


    of $5,000 goal

    The Golden Eatery COVID-19 Fundraiser

    band fundraisers


    of $10,000 goal