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San Antonio (NORTHWEST)

Gilbert Garcia

Territory Manager

Born and raised in San Antonio, TX! I am the proud son of two loving parents, and proud brother to 5 sisters and 1 brother! We are all high school alumni of the community and passionate about helping the future. My older brother has been my role model since we were young. He taught me how to play multiple sports, how to be a mentor and leader, and how to be a great coach, as he is currently an offensive coordinator at a university here in the great state of Texas. I fell in love with football at the age of 5 and began playing for the Junior Voks Youth League. I went on to graduate from Business Careers, as the Quarterback of the football team and later attended Howard Payne University where I began student coaching. Growing up I loved everything about team sports, leadership, and fine arts. I have always loved football, and having spent a few years coaching, I truly believe it is my passion and purpose. Above all, my family is what grounds me. I am always spending time with my siblings and their children. With 9 nieces and nephews, I am always on uncle duty! In my free time I enjoy playing chess, going to concerts and hearing live music, and of course attending sporting events and playing Madden. I am extremely honored and blessed to have the opportunity to help our fundraising partners. My purpose is to help maximize everyone’s fundraising potential and be of service to your team!

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Bowie Band March A Thon Fundraiser

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Grand Rapids Storm AAU Basketball Drive

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