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    In most cases, high schools will have all the basic sports available for their students to participate in. Football, basketball, and baseball are some of the most common options given, no matter how big or small the school is. However, there are times when a district has a few choices that aren’t typically offered to high school students.

    One such example is badminton. This sport can actually be quite fun, but it’s not very popular in the US, so most school districts choose to skip it. However, even if a school decides to offer badminton as part of its sports program, it usually won’t be as well-funded as some of the more popular options.

    This is where badminton team fundraising comes into play. This sport requires a lot of unique equipment that usually costs a lot of money, so the team will likely need more money than the school district can allocate. While standard badminton team fundraising ideas might work, chances are, you’ll need to do something a little different to get the job done, like online crowdfunding.

    The reason for this is badminton teams are usually pretty small. They don’t have a ton of players who can go out and sell products like other teams can. That’s why you need a fundraising option that is effective no matter how many people participate.

    Crowdfunding is a badminton online fundraising tactic that can hit large audiences with very few people. All your players have to do is send out a few emails, text messages, and social media posts, explaining who you are and what you need money for. These messages are very easy to send out and can spread to people you could never realistically reach through traditional fundraising methods.

    If this sounds like a method you’d like to try out, Vertical Raise is the best place to do so. We work with all kinds of after-school programs to help them raise money. Our badminton team fundraising option has been tailored specifically for these smaller teams, so it’ll work perfectly for all your fundraising needs.