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    Alpha Baseball Fundraiser

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    It’s no secret that baseball has a long season. In high school, it’s a bit shorter, but it typically runs from the second spring begins until the end of the school year. If you’re a part of a club, it will likely be much longer. Regardless of what level of baseball you play, this sport runs for a long period of time, which means that it’ll need more money to continue for that long.

    If the school district can’t afford to keep up with your baseball team or your club is low on funds, it might be time to come for a baseball fundraiser. There are many charity events a team could run during the season. If your team is outside of school, the list of baseball club fundraising ideas expands a bit, but all of these rely on people either coming to an event or buying something. Well, what if potential donors didn’t have to do either of those things?

    That’s where Vertical Raise comes into play. When you raise money for your team, all of it should come back to you, and through our program, that’s possible. Our fundraisers take the idea of online crowdfunding and use it for sports teams. People are more than willing to donate money to their favorite local baseball team. All you need to do is set up a program to ask for it.

    Here at Vertical Raise, we simplify that process for you. Our program makes it easier to send out multiple emails and text messages to family members and team supporters. If you have a social media page, you can also advertise your baseball fundraiser on there with the click of a button. No matter where your supporters are, our program has a way to reach them.