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    Butler Basketball Club Spring AAU Travel Basketball Fundraiser 2021

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    In general, basketball teams have most of the same expenses as other teams, which include uniform and equipment costs. However, that’s not the only place their budget goes. This sport is well-known for holding lots of tournaments. While they’re almost always free for a team to attend, there are other costs that go into these excursions. Travel, food, and possible lodging are all things that the coach should try to cover for their players.

    Unfortunately, it’s not always in the budget. When that happens, you need to either attend fewer tournaments or find new ways to get more funds. Basketball fundraisers are a great option for doing this. However, the standard options of holding events or going out and selling overpriced products aren’t as effective as they used to be.

    That’s why you need a new basketball fundraiser idea—and Vertical Raise is here to help with that. Our platform takes the already-proven online crowdfunding idea and spins it to work for sports teams. Our fundraisers have done quite well in the past, and we know that you’ll find success through our program as well.

    All your players have to do is email, text, or reach out through social media to family members and team supporters who they think would be willing to donate to your cause. Whether you have a big tournament coming up or you could really use a refresh for your team’s uniforms, our basketball fundraiser platform will help you gain the money you require. Plus, once it’s all said and done, all that money goes back to you. A portion of it won’t need to go to product expenses or facility rentals; it’s all straight profit.

    Whether you’re looking for a youth basketball fundraiser or one for a club team, Vertical Raise will be able to help you achieve your funding goals. Be sure to contact us with any further questions you have. If you’re ready to go, though, you can sign up for our program right now through our website.