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    One thing that suddenly became quite popular over the pandemic was chess. Since people were stuck indoors with little to do, many started sharing activities for anyone who was bored at home. Chess was one such activity that gained a lot of traction and popularity.

    Even though its popularity did die back down a bit, some people really fell in love with the game. That led to more chess teams being created once students started going back to classes in person. While this is great for the longstanding game of chess, it also means that many school districts suddenly had to fund new after-school programs. And for some of them, chess just wasn’t in the budget.

    That’s why many of these groups have turned to chess team fundraising options to get the money they need to run their programs. Fortunately, chess isn’t an expensive board game to get into. Plus, if your teams play online, you don’t even need to buy chess sets to play on. However, chess competitions aren’t always free to attend or travel to.

    That’s why many teams need to run chess fundraisers to earn the money necessary to attend these events. While there are many options that these teams can use, online crowdfunding is probably one of the most profitable ones they can pursue. Setup is easy, and it only requires members to send out a few texts and emails to people they know to ask for support. There’s also an option to create social media posts that’ll reach a broader audience.

    Plus, another thing that makes this chess team fundraising idea so good is the fact that it works well, no matter how many members you have. Being able to reach large audiences online through crowdfunding makes your fundraising potential go through the roof.

    If you’d like to try crowdfunding for your next chess team fundraising method, Vertical Raise is the best place to do it. We’ve been helping after-school teams and programs raise money online for years, and we can use that expertise to help your chess team earn the money it deserves.