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Colorado Springs

Aaron Andrus

Territory Manager

I grew up in the largest state in this great country, Alaska. Winters were cold and snow was plentiful. My childhood was filled with snowmachining, snowboarding, sports and long summer nights on the golf course. Yes, I did say “snowmachine” not snowmobile, that's how we differentiate from Alaskans and non-locals. I lived in Soldotna, Alaska for 21 years before moving out to Colorado Springs to pursue a bachelor's degree in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I met my wife Brenna in 2011 and we have been married for 6 years. We have an amazing pup named Scooby and he's the Andrus home mascot. For as long as I can remember sports have been a huge part of my life. I have been a high school basketball coach and strength coach. Now time to add the “Fundraising Coach” to the list.

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Real Vertical Raise Fundraisers

Los Gatos Football Fundraiser

band fundraisers


of $60,000 goal

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Bowie Band March A Thon Fundraiser

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of $55,000 goal

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Grand Rapids Storm AAU Basketball Drive

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of $12,500 goal

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