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    Running and having high endurance are traits you need to be good at in many sports, but cross-country is a sport that really puts both of them to the test. Being able to run at a pace that keeps you ahead of the competition while not burning out halfway through the race is no easy feat. Because of that, not many students take an interest in this sport.

    Despite that, cross-country is still a fairly popular option for students at many high schools. Since the sport is essentially just running from one point to another, not much equipment is needed for these teams. Unfortunately, school districts take this as a sign that they don’t need to give much funding to the cross-country team, but this isn’t the case.

    These teams need money just like any other sport does. That means many of them are forced to look for effective cross-country fundraisers to pick up the slack. While there are quite a few options out there, none of them seem to be nearly as effective as online crowdfunding.

    This cross-country team fundraising idea works well because it brings most of the proceeds directly back to you. It also takes up much less of your team’s time outside of practice. Since crowdfunding is donation-based, that means none of the money you earn will have to go into paying for a product for the people who give you money.

    As for the time investment for this cross-country team fundraiser, all your players have to do is send out emails, texts, and social media posts to encourage people to donate. This will only take a few minutes for each of them to do, freeing them up to work on homework or hang out with friends after practice is over instead of selling products door-to-door.

    If this seems like the right call for your team, Vertical Raise is here to help. Our cross-country team fundraising program has shown concrete results for many teams who have worked with us in the past. Many of them have reached or even exceeded their goals. We’re positive that we can help your team do the same to earn the money you need to run your program effectively.