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    Then look no further. Vertical Raise has the best online donation platform on the market. We utilize email, text messaging and social media campaigns to exponentially increase the reach of your fundraiser. The foundation of our company's success is built upon our best-in-class email deliverability, detailed tracking and the complete personalization of every page. Please contact us above for more information or if you would like to setup a fundraiser for your Elementary School.

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    From read-a-thons to shoe and coat drives to school concerts to chocolate sales, it likely seems your child is coming home weekly with a new fundraiser packet. Although it may seem like your child’s school has everything they need, funding all their activities or organizations can be challenging.

    The list of fundraising ideas for elementary schools offers many bright and creative ideas. However, at Vertical Raise, you can raise money for your child’s school through our crowdfunding program. Say goodbye to going door-to-door, and say hello to fundraising from the comfort of your home.

    Everyone affiliated with the school system, from PTA coordinators to the teachers in the classroom, understands fundraising’s importance. The many projects, experiments, classwork, and trips are put in place solely for the development and education of students. And elementary students need as many tools as possible to ensure that they have a solid foundation for the rest of their academic lives.

    If your school or classroom needs an extra boost, it’s essential that you find a strategy for raising money that is best suited to engage with your community.  At Vertical Raise, we know how to host an elementary school fundraiser without further stressing out the parents (or teachers).

    Through our elementary school fundraiser program at Vertical Raise, you will reap the benefits of crowdfunding. Instead of selling chocolate bars or wrapping paper to your coworkers, you can send emails and text messages detailing the fundraiser’s mission. This makes it easier for the fundraiser to be shared beyond your community and increases the chances of exceeding your goal.

    Investing in our children’s future is essential. If you’re looking for a new fundraising idea for elementary schools, we’re here to help. You can sign up with us today on our website or contact us to ask more questions.