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    2021 Gilroy High FFA Fundraiser

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    Future Farmers of America (FFA) programs teach students real-world skills they can’t obtain from their primary classes. They develop critical thinking skills, learn how to work with others, and explore more options in the workforce—giving them many future opportunities.


    These classes help guide our students positively and teach them to be leaders. Through hard work, encouragement, and a healthy work ethic, students can strengthen their confidence and find their passions in life.


    However, FFA programs aren’t cheap. They require hands-on work experience in technology, food science, and agricultural studies. Therefore, it takes many moving parts to make these classes successful. Without the appropriate funding, these programs can fall through.


    Luckily, we have the best solution to solve your FFA fundraiser dilemmas.


    Our children are our future; we must invest in their passions and interests. While many FFA fundraising ideas exist, crowdfunding is one of the best ways to raise money. Of course, hosting a car wash or talent show is helpful, but at Vertical Raise, we can raise three times more money than traditional fundraising.

    Through crowdfunding, your FFA fundraiser can reach beyond your small circle of social media friends.


    Your fundraiser can reach other communities that are passionate about your mission. A strong, highly visible campaign will build traction and further boost your reach. Raise money for field trips, experiments, projects, equipment, supplies, and more by using our platform for fundraising.


    Our students are juggling a lot in their lives. Adding another fundraiser to their plate could be too much; after all, they’re already dealing with schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and personal life challenges. That’s why we recommend that you use our easy crowdfunding platform.


    We make it easy to ask people for donations without causing an inconvenience.  With a simple text or email, you can receive your donations instantly. If you want to use this platform for your FFA fundraiser, sign up with us today!