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    While sports tend to bring in larger crowds, leading to them getting more of the spending budget, hockey is actually one of the more expensive after-school programs.


    With the non-stop action and speed it takes to play a hockey game, ensuring your team has everything it needs to succeed is important. As fun as it is to watch our athletes compete, hockey requires a lot of safety equipment and gear to ensure the players are safe from preventative injury.


    Not only do players need uniforms, safety gear, and equipment, but they also need transportation and boarding for trips and tournaments! As the season progresses, playing can get more expensive. That’s why many teams research hockey fundraiser ideas for some extra monetary help.


    However, what if we told you that you could meet your goal through an email or text?


    Hockey is a great sport that promotes teamwork, coordination, and overall wellness due to its physical health benefits. This is also a fan-favorite sport. Many people worldwide enjoy watching and playing hockey during the season. However, this sport isn’t cheap. From registration fees to the cost of equipment to hotel fees, it can add up quickly.


    Coaches and parents are always looking for hockey fundraising ideas that are engaging and effective. Often, players try hosting marathons, holding golf tournaments, or selling baked goods. You can take your hockey fundraiser to the next level.


    Let Vertical Raise lend a hand. We want to ensure your team is fully funded for a successful season. Whether your mission is to support a tournament trip or purchase new uniforms, we can help boost your hockey fundraiser beyond your community.


    Our platform can help raise three times more money than traditional fundraising methods. Your donators can contribute quickly and easily with a simple email or text. Allow us to help so that you don’t have to go door to door or stand outside waving down traffic. Contact us today if you’re interested in signing up for our platform.