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    Although school districts try their best with sponsoring leadership programs, they often don’t bring in enough funding. Compared to sports programs that attract larger crowds, school leadership programs don’t bring in as many students or the visitors and fans who normally attend athletic events. As a result, schools spend most of their budget on sports.


    School leadership is one of the more expensive afterschool programs, but it’s important to keep programs alive and support students in all aspects of their academic career. With leadership programs, students attend meetings, hold assemblies, and plan trips throughout the school year—unlike sports, which are limited to one season.


    School leadership fundraisers are crucial to the livelihood of this important extracurricular activity. Students deserve to engage with their peers and attend all events. Luckily, this goal is possible with the help of Vertical Raise. Through the use of email, we’ve helped school programs raise money to fund large expenditures like travel fees, equipment, and many other expenses. We also use text messages and social media to extend the reach of our fundraisers.


    So, how do we do it? When you need a school leadership online fundraiser, we launch a digital fundraiser page with a director to assist you. Track your progress and participation with Vertical Raise’s user-friendly admin dashboard. When the event is over, we deliver the funds you’ve raised in a timely manner via check or direct deposit.


    The beauty of online fundraisers with Vertical Raise is that you don’t sell anything to people. Initially, it may seem challenging to reach your monetary goal, but it actually makes it much easier! Most people would rather donate instead of buying overpriced goods that they don’t really need. This means that most of the money comes straight back to you, and nothing has to go into buying merchandise.


    The great thing about our school leadership fundraisers is that it frees up your students to do other things. They don’t have to solicit donations through door-to-door requests or by selling random products. Students just have to send out some emails, share the page link on social media, and the rest takes care of itself. It’s all simple fundraising that makes huge results.



    If you’re interested in our services, please contact us for more information. We’re more than happy to answer questions or launch your fundraising page.