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    Looking for the easiest, most effective fundraiser for your Middle School or group?

    Then look no further. Vertical Raise has the best online donation platform on the market. We utilize email, text messaging and social media campaigns to exponentially increase the reach of your fundraiser. The foundation of our company's success is built upon our best-in-class email deliverability, detailed tracking and the complete personalization of every page. Please contact us above for more information or if you would like to setup a fundraiser for your Middle School.

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    Gorzycki Middle School Band Fundraiser

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    Hornedo MS Band Fall Fundraiser

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    Iroquois Panther Prowl

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    School districts often overlook middle schools in terms of funding. Although money goes toward all institutions, the majority of funds support elementary and high schools. But you can’t forget about the middle schoolers! They have sports programs, trips, and extracurricular activities too. Supporting a school isn’t cheap, and districts need to widen their net. Fortunately, Vertical Raise has the best middle school fundraiser platform.


    Through email, we help school programs raise money to reach their financial goals. For middle school, expenses include classroom supplies, sports uniforms, new technology, and field trips. Kids should get the most out of their middle school experience with the right funding. To expand your campaign’s reach, we implement text messaging and social media to reach potential donors.


    Fundraisers for middle schools are easy when you use Vertical Raise. Once you launch a digital fundraiser page, you can track your progress and participation with our admin dashboard. We deliver money to you via check or direct deposit when the fundraiser is over. We secure all our funds using the world’s leading ecommerce platform and our 128-bit encrypted site.


    Online fundraising is different than traditional strategies. You don’t actually sell anything to people through our program. People donate money on the fundraiser page, and that’s it! No need to sell consumer goods or keep track of cash. Everything is digital and simple.


    Parents and administration don’t have to worry about kids soliciting for door-to-door donations. Online crowdfunding is safe and effective. Adults send out emails and share the donation page link on social media. School leaders can monitor the page and track levels of participation, including the number of email invites sent, total dollars raised, and number of social media shares.


    Most of the money goes straight toward the school and programs benefit from the funds. Imagine starting the school year with new laptops or attending a school-wide field trip. The possibilities are endless with online fundraising!


    Use Vertical Raise for your middle school fundraisers. Start your journey by contacting us today. We look forward to hearing from you.