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Leera Kpea

Territory Sales Representative

My name is Leera Kpea. 34 year old former high school and collegiate athlete born and bred in the biggest little state there is; Rhode Island. I attended high school at La Salle Academy in Providence, RI and then college at Salve Regina University in Newport, RI. I enjoy playing basketball, watching good television shows and movies, reading, and listening to music. My father, a Nigerian immigrant, is a retired dermatologist living in Myrtle Beach with my mother, twin sister, and 3 year old nephew. My older sister has recently blessed me with a newborn nephew.

I began my career path in the field of medicine studying biology and chemistry in college and spending a brief time in medical school in the Caribbean. Once home I began working in software sales operations, steadily working my way up the ranks and even jumping to another company. After about 6 years in the industry the stress of the cubicle life caused me to develop peptic ulcers and that forced me to make a lifestyle/career change. That was the push I needed to try something new, and that’s what prompted me to look into something more rewarding, less stressful, and all around more my speed. Snap! Raise came along and it was such a great concept. I love developing relationships with student-athletes, coaches, and group leaders. I started noticing trends in the company that I did not like and when my opinions and concerns were voiced they were met with deaf ears. VR eventually reached out to me and once I learned what you all were about, I knew that VR is what Snap should have been. I’m blessed and honored to have the opportunity to support my community with such a phenomenal team of people and superior platform and processes.

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