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    Narcoossee Middle School STEM Fundraiser

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    Zeeland Robotics Drive

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    Willow School Robotics Fundraiser

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    Robotics clubs provide an awesome extracurricular activity for kids interested in robots, coding, and technology. Unfortunately, some school districts can’t afford proper funding for these programs. Equipment, materials, and computer software aren’t cheap, and teams require additional funding for robotic competitions. Participants should foster their passion for technology with a program backed by their school. Fortunately, robotics fundraising is simple with Vertical Raise!


    We use the online crowdfunding concept to help programs raise money. We will create an online donation page and use email, social media, and text messages to extend the reach of your fundraiser. There’s no need for door-to-door solicitations, selling goods, or any other outdated fundraising strategies. Our simple platform is user-friendly and encourages donations through a link. This is the best robotics fundraising idea because it’s straightforward and effective.


    People support clubs by donating money directly to the program. Organizations can then track progress through the admin dashboard and monitor participation, such as the number of email invites sent, the total amount of money raised, and any social media shares. After the fundraisers, expect money distribution in a timely manner via check or direct deposit. Organizations can sponsor their clubs and receive everything they need.


    From out-of-state competitions to new learning tools, your robotics club deserves to participate in all activities. That’s why robotics fundraising is crucial to the livelihood of any program. With our assistance, your program will reach its fundraising goal. In some cases, clubs exceed their goal and have extra money to support new initiatives.


    School programs thrive from consistent support, and modern fundraising is the best way to get that necessary help. Receive money from local community members or people far away. Either way, organizations can get the funds to cover various expenses.


    Make positive strides toward funding an important activity through Vertical Raise. Send out a few emails, share page links on social media, and prepare for an outpouring of support. If you’re interested in this fundraising idea for robotics clubs, reach out to our team. We look forward to helping your organization!