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Sioux City

Marty Millard

Territory Sales Representative

Hello! My name is Marty Millard. I reside in Sioux City, IA. I am am former Division II baseball player and enjoy all sports. I currently am the publisher and owner of where I cover high school athletics online in the form of pre-season magazines and in season coverage. My work career began in minor league baseball marketing and came full circle with my most recent experience with CoachComm the industry leader for coaches headsets in high school and college football. When COVID struck, a year later I lost my job due to not enough gate revenue and fundraising opportunities in my territories as programs began to have their funding pulled in different directions. It was then that I realized how important fundraising is to maintain and sustain successful athletic programs across the country. I am grateful for the opportunity in my community provided to me by Vertical Raise and am proud to be part of a talented cutting edge team. I am excited to launch fundraising campaigns in my territory and seeing athletic programs and other group leader entities that utilize fundraising have success and surpass their fundraising goals! I look forward to working with you!

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Allen Band and Colorguard Drive 2023

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Saint Marks SPARTATHON Fundraiser

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of $25,000 goal

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