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    Out of all the mainline sports that schools run, soccer tends to be one of the most overlooked. A lot of this comes down to soccer not being as popular of a sport in the States. Therefore, when it has to compete against football for both popularity and funds, soccer will lose almost every time.

    Even though soccer teams don’t need as much money as some other school sports, they still need some to pay for new equipment and uniforms. That means it’s up to the teams to cover their own expenses most of the time. Since no one should ever expect students to cover these costs, it’s up to the coaches to run soccer fundraisers to pick up the slack. Most of these either take up too much time or aren’t very effective.

    Luckily, Vertical Raise has come up with a solution. We’ve created a platform that utilizes the concept of online crowdfunding and puts it to work for soccer team fundraisers. Through the use of email, texts, and social media, your players can ask family members, friends, and team supporters if they’d like to donate any money to your team.

    Most fundraisers try to sweeten the deal by offering a product in return, but we’ve found that most people don’t want anything in return—they’d rather just directly help out the team that’s in need of money. Since a portion of the money you raise won’t have to go back to the purchase of these products, that means much more of it will be able to go toward your team’s monetary needs.

    Our model also works well for youth soccer fundraisers. Soccer teams focused on younger kids tend to be underfunded as well, making our program the perfect fit. Plus, since some kids might be too young to send these messages on their own, our process is simple enough to not take up too much of their parents’ time.

    Regardless of the type of soccer fundraiser you’d like to run with us, we have a form on our website that you can use to sign up. For those who have more questions, reach out to us through our contact page. We’ll be more than happy to address any concerns you might have.