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Liz Murphy

Territory Manager

I was born and raised in south Arkansas, but moved to NWA in 2019. I am a single mom who raised 3 amazing children. My household has always been immersed in sports; from the time I played softball (before it became a school sport), to my kids playing little league, competition sports, then school sports, and even now, with one part of a college team. I also remember growing up, and always trying to raise funds for my band, theater and other fine arts programs. When I found Vertical Raise, I immediately saw what a game changer it is for programs that need to raise money! As someone who has worked in school fundraising for a few years now, I love being able to help groups achieve their goals! I believe finances should never be a barrier to getting what your team needs, so I am committed to helping each group I work with achieve the greatest possible success.

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Real Vertical Raise Fundraisers

Los Gatos Football Fundraiser

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of $60,000 goal

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Bowie Band March A Thon Fundraiser

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of $55,000 goal

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Grand Rapids Storm AAU Basketball Drive

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of $12,500 goal

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