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St. Louis (WEST)

Kalee Davidson

Territory Sales Representative

As a former Division I College Athlete and Honor Graduate, as well as a current D1 College Basketball Referee, I know firsthand the sacrifice it takes to get to the next level. I grew up in Ft. Worth, TX as a “coaches kid” and was always in the gym. Playing multiple sports as a kid/teen, and having 3 other siblings doing the same, I noticed the big financial burden it put on my parents. I also know how difficult it can be for school/club programs to get needed gear, equipment, and travel funds because of budgeting concerns. This is why I joined Vertical Raise, to help make a difference in the lives of coaches, parents, and the kids involved in these programs. As an avid abstract painter, lover of music, lover of nature, and lover of all sports, I believe that each and every school program, club, league, and extracurricular activity can bring positivity and change to the lives of young people, and I want to do my part to make it more accessible for everyone and to help take some of that financial burden away from parents and teams. Please reach out to me to get your personal fundraiser started!

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Sandpoint Football Fundraiser

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of $100,000 goal

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Allen Band and Colorguard Drive 2023

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of $70,000 goal

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Saint Marks SPARTATHON Fundraiser

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of $25,000 goal

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