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    Then look no further. Vertical Raise has the best online donation platform on the market. We utilize email, text messaging and social media campaigns to exponentially increase the reach of your fundraiser. The foundation of our company's success is built upon our best-in-class email deliverability, detailed tracking and the complete personalization of every page. Please contact us above for more information or if you would like to setup a fundraiser for your School Track and Field Team.

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    Haverford Track and Field Boosters Fundraiser

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    CTX Vipers Track Fundraiser

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    Summit Track Track and Field Fundraiser

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    Propel your track and field athletes forward with the best online donation platform: Vertical Raise. Track and field fundraisers are a team-building opportunity to generate funds for equipment, supportive resources, and event expenses.

    Support your team’s ambitions with specialized training and competition equipment for running, jumping, and throwing events. Track team fundraising will grow your budget for buying vaulting poles, spikes, hurdles, shot puts, batons, and more. Replace old equipment or add to your inventory to efficiently improve your athletes’ performance.

    Buying materials and gear isn’t the only way fundraiser earnings can support your team’s capabilities. For example, you can use the revenue to access helpful resources like nutrition programs and coaching clinic consultations. Additional resources can help bolster the skills that the sport teaches athletes: confidence, perseverance, and mental toughness.

    Allocate the money where your team needs support. Overcome financial hurdles like competition fees and travel-related expenses.

    Track team fundraising is an excellent way to engage the community and build team morale.

    When you use Vertical Raise’s online platform, we’ll create your unique fundraising page. You can share your program’s needs and goals and express your appreciation to donors on your campaign’s page. We’ll also assist patients during onboarding.

    Once the campaign launches, share your fundraiser via text, social media, and email. Monitor progress and participation—including the number of social media shares and email invitations—using the intuitive admin dashboard. It’s never been so easy to stay in the know, which makes an online campaign a great track and field team fundraising idea.

    At the end of the fundraiser, we will deliver the money to you via check or direct deposit. Use the funds for equipment, programs, extra services, or anything else that will improve your members’ agility, speed, strength, and stamina.

    By working together, your team and community supporters can create new possibilities and maximize each athlete’s potential. Set the bar high and partner with us today for a phenomenal track and field fundraiser.