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Jace Buchek

Territory Sales Representative

Passion for sports and a commitment to making a difference have been the driving forces in my journey thus far. With a background deeply rooted in sports, I've spent the majority of my life on the field, whether it was playing football, wrestling or lacrosse during high school and college and now as an assistant lacrosse coach at Good Counsel Highschool. These experiences not only taught me the value of teamwork, discipline, and hard work, but they also ignited a fire within me to merge my love for sports with my professional pursuits. Transitioning from the field to the corporate world, I embarked on a career in sales at a prominent payroll company. This role honed my business acumen and interpersonal skills, proving my ability to excel outside of the sports arena. However, my heart remained tethered to the world of athletics, leading me to take the leap into a new adventure. As I join a sports fundraising company, I am fueled by a resolute passion for its mission especially within the Washington, DC area in which I grew up. With the zeal of an athlete and the determination of a seasoned professional, I am dedicated to channeling my experiences and skills to help create lasting positive impacts within the sports community. Together, let's turn the spirit of sports into a force for meaningful change.

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