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3 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Middle Schools

3 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Middle Schools


Middle school is a time of change for many students as they explore newfound independence and added responsibility. As such, these years are the perfect opportunity to teach the importance of working with peers to make a positive impact in your community. Let’s explore some creative fundraising ideas for middle schools so you can raise as much money as possible and have fun at the same time.

Trivia Night

A trivia night is a great fundraising idea for middle schoolers because it’s an easy introduction to the world of organized events. You won’t need to spend hours planning or preparing for a trivia night. Instead, you can focus on having fun and raising much-needed funds.

To keep operating costs low, hold the event in the school’s gym or auditorium. Before the trivia night, your students can help you come up with fun questions in various categories, such as sports, pop culture, science, etc. Enlist the help of your middle schoolers to promote and sell tickets to the event via email, printed fliers, and word of mouth.

To raise even more money, consider selling refreshments during the event. And don’t forget to reward the winning trivia team with a fun prize! Middle school students will love the added responsibilities of setting up the event and helping throughout the night.

Car Wash

Another creative fundraising idea for middle schools is a good old-fashioned car wash. Car washes are a popular fundraiser because they’re easy to organize and they work for a variety of groups. Middle school students are old enough to actively participate in washing and drying cars. Plus, youngsters love being active outside, so a car wash is a great way to get their energy out while raising money.

Once you’ve gathered the necessary supplies and advertised the event, you can host the car wash in your school’s parking lot. Prior to the event, be sure to carefully instruct your students on how to properly wash a car.

Throughout the day, students can rotate between holding up signs to attract passersby, washing or drying the cars, and collecting the money. Determine the cost of each wash before the event and keep the cash you earn in a safe location.

Community Cleanup

Organizing a community cleanup is a great way to teach middle schoolers the importance of maintaining a healthy environment and helping others. Prior to the event, establish specific goals for your students, such as collecting 20 pounds of trash or cleaning two miles of roadway.

To raise money for your organization, parents, friends, and community members can pledge to support the students’ efforts. The more pledges you obtain, the more money you’ll raise. This type of fundraiser helps your local neighborhood and your school group, so it’s a win-win situation. And as mentioned above, middle schoolers love to be active, so they’ll certainly enjoy being outside and beautifying their surroundings.

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