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3 Reasons Why Online Fundraising Is Gaining Popularity

3 Reasons Why Online Fundraising Is Gaining Popularity


In the past, fundraising involved asking family or friends for donations in person or knocking on people’s doors throughout your neighborhood. These days, an increasing number of groups and organizations are moving their fundraising efforts online. Let’s explore a few reasons why online fundraising is gaining popularity.

Save Time and Money

Online fundraising is a largely automated process, so you can save time and money when you’re raising funds for your group. When an individual donates money via an online platform, the funds are automatically deposited into your account.

You no longer need to wait for someone to mail you a check, only for you to manually enter the donation amount in your database and send a thank you note. Instead, many online fundraising sites automatically send a thank you note and a tax receipt as soon as someone donates, so the process is incredibly seamless. You can spend less time on the administrative side of fundraising and focus on surpassing your goal.

Gain Real-Time Data

Another reason why online fundraising is gaining popularity is the ability to see data and reporting in real time. The automated aspect allows you to track the money you’ve raised and run reports at a moment’s notice so you always know where your efforts stand.

Since donation sites do all the calculations for you, there’s no need to worry about human error. When you’re manually entering donations, it’s easy to add or eliminate a number. By moving your event online, you can instantly and accurately see how much money you’ve raised.

Expand Your Reach

When you utilize an online fundraising platform, anyone with an internet connection can donate. Say goodbye to the days of only asking your close friends, family, or local community members for money. By fundraising online, you can exponentially expand your reach and increase your chances of meeting your goal.

By widening your donor base, you can reach entirely new groups of people. Plus, once you have their contact information, you can send information regarding future fundraising opportunities. The omnipresence of the internet facilitates global connection and makes it possible for more people to hear about your event.

With so many benefits of online giving, it’s easy to see why organizations are now relying on digital platforms. At Vertical Raise, we utilize email, texts, and social media campaigns to increase the reach of your fundraiser. If you’re looking for cheerleading fundraiser ideas, for example, move your event online and raise more money in less time. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can personalize your online fundraising experience.