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3 Team-Building Activities for Football Teams

3 Team-Building Activities for Football Teams


Team-building activities are a great way to bring your group closer together to achieve a common goal. Establishing trust and camaraderie between members of a team is essential, and if you coach youth sports, you know a positive group mentality can bolster your team in many ways. Check out these fun team-building activities for football teams to improve the relationships between your athletes.

Share Meals Together

An easy way to strengthen the bond of your team is to simply spend more time together. After practice or before a big game, come together to share a meal, reflect on the team’s performance, and have some fun. To make things easier, you can have families sign up to each host one team meal throughout the season. You can also organize a meal at your school and ask a local restaurant to donate the food or see if they’ll offer a discounted catering rate.

No matter how you choose to organize the event, the most important part is getting your athletes together to connect beyond the football field. Once you’ve finished eating, you can even play some fun icebreaker games, such as “Two Truths and a Lie” or charades. When team members are being silly and finding common ground beyond the world of sports, they’ll foster stronger connections with one another.

Volunteer in Your Community

Another effective team-building activity for football teams is a community volunteer day. Volunteering as a team simultaneously bonds your group and improves your neighborhood. If you want your players to feel even more involved, host a brainstorming session for them to gather a list of local organizations that support the community.

Once you’ve determined where to donate your time, pick a date for the activity and marvel as your team grows closer while helping those in need. Once your volunteer session is over, gather your group for a quick debriefing. Your students can share how they felt while volunteering and ways they feel connected to other team members.

Raise Funds for a Team Purchase

Organizing a fundraiser for a team purchase is another way to bring your football players together. Whether you need extra money for new jerseys and blocking pads, improvements to your field, or funds for away games, fundraisers are vitally important for any team. Your athletes will be more motivated to help raise as much money as possible when they know the donations will directly impact their season.

Some common team fundraisers include bake sales, car washes, and sponsored runs/walks. After establishing the details of your event, encourage all team members to actively work together to reach your goal. You can also set up a virtual football team fundraiser using Vertical Raise’s online donation platform. We can help you raise more money in less time so you can focus on winning games.