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4 JROTC Fundraising Ideas for High School Programs

4 JROTC Fundraising Ideas for High School Programs


One group in high school that people sometimes forget about is the JROTC. It is different from many after-school programs, so this is understandable, but that doesn’t mean the JROTC doesn’t deserve proper funding to run its activities. If your JROTC is a little underfunded and you’d like to fix that, we have some fundraising ideas for this high school program to try out.

Plan a Fun Run

One of the main things JROTC tries to do for its members is help get them into military shape. While this has many practical purposes for the students in the program, it has an additional benefit that many people don’t think about: these kids are likely in peak physical condition. That means they can run much further than other students their age.

For this reason, fun runs are a great way to make money. The students will go out and get people to pledge money for every mile they run. Then when the day comes, your JROTC members will go out there and blow away everyone’s expectations, which will bring in a good amount of money for the program.

Work With a Local Business

Another JROTC fundraising idea you can try for high school programs is setting up a sponsored event with a local business. You’ve likely seen these before. It’s when a restaurant or other small business sets aside a day where a portion of its sales goes toward the program they’re sponsoring. All you have to do is let people know so they can visit the store or restaurant that day to support your group. This is a straightforward method and very effective.

Throw a Fundraising Dinner

One thing that the military is well known for is the galas they throw every year. Even though JROTC programs typically aren’t involved in the official ones, you could throw a smaller one for students to participate in. Of course, everyone at the school will be invited, and their entrance fee will be how you make money. It’ll be a fun way for members to experience what’s to come if they join the military, and it is many students’ only real chance to attend such an event.

Try Online Crowdfunding

Finally, the last JROTC fundraising idea for you to look into is online crowdfunding. This form of raising money has become quite popular for school programs because it doesn’t take up much of the students’ time. Kids in school are always busy with after-school activities, homework, and hanging out with friends. The last thing they want to do is spend a lot of time trying to sell products for a fundraiser.

Crowdfunding will take hardly any time out of the students’ busy schedules while bringing in more money than most other methods. Since you won’t have to spend money on products or any event-related costs, a lot more of the money you raise will go directly back to you.