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4 Tips To Surpass Your Fundraising Goals

4 Tips To Surpass Your Fundraising Goals


Reaching your goals is great, but surpassing them is even better! Go above and beyond for your organization with a successful campaign. Look at these tips to surpass your fundraising goals and apply them to your efforts.

Have a Clear and Compelling Message

Clear messages are simple, focused, and powerful. Tell people what you need and why you need it. You can also highlight the impact of gifts and share stories explaining why your cause is important. Choose strong, active language that grabs donors’ attention, including financial projections encouraging donations. For example, “Our organization can support an inner-city school with $20,000” is a financial projection showcasing the tangible benefits of donations.

Create a Sense of Urgency

The longer donors wait, the less likely they are to support campaigns. Procrastination can hurt campaigns, so you should combat the issue. Create a sense of urgency with a deadline, contest, reward, or entry to a raffle. Do anything that encourages people to act immediately. This way, you’ll generate a lot of funds and will likely surpass the goal.

Suggest a Donation Amount

Suggesting a donation amount is another tip to help surpass your fundraising goals. Although all donations depend on how much people are willing to give, you can offer guidance. You can ask people, “Would you like to donate [insert amount] to our cause?” Typically, people will follow the suggested amount, helping you stay on track.

For this idea, please suggest a reasonable donation for your audience. You want to encourage people to help the campaign, not turn them away with high donation requests.

Spread the Word Over Multiple Channels

Campaigns typically rely on email and social media for marketing. However, those aren’t the only marketing strategies. Spread the word over multiple channels like phone calls, postcards, text messaging, and posters. Expand the campaign’s reach and connect with large audiences to obtain more donations. You can also ask supporters to spread the word about campaigns too. They can explain why they support your organization and how others can help!

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