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4 Ways School Marching Bands Benefit Students

4 Ways School Marching Bands Benefit Students


High school is not only a time for teens to learn the knowledge they need to graduate and go to college, but it’s also a time for them to learn important life skills. While that might not be the main focus, many after-school programs subtly teach students these things. Marching band is one such program.

If you’re unsure how the school marching band can benefit students, we’re here to show you how. All the life lessons this program can teach might surprise you.

More Responsibility

Besides extreme physical activity, one thing that makes marching band very different from most other after-school activities is that students typically own the equipment they use. Most sports equipment is lent to the students by the school. However, even if this isn’t the case for your school’s band, students will still have to be responsible for a costly piece of equipment.

Band instruments are notoriously expensive. That means a student will have to learn how to be responsible for something they could never afford on their own. This is an essential lesson for teens to learn early on rather than later in life.

Improved Discipline

Although the military is most well-known for teaching discipline to younger generations, the marching band comes in a close second. Whether it’s for a parade or the high school football game, you must always be at attention and ready to take direction from the band director. If you’re not, you won’t last long in the band. Students who want to stick with this program must learn discipline quickly to keep up.

Understanding of Teamwork

Of course, discipline and responsibility mean nothing if students don’t know how to work well with others. That’s why another benefit of your student joining the marching band is that they’ll learn how to be a team player.

Without teamwork, everything in a marching routine will fall apart. The marching lines will become disorganized, members will run into each other, and the music will sound awful. If no one learns how to work together, the band will never succeed, which is why many directors focus on teamwork.

Better Confidence

Finally, once a student becomes a seasoned band member, they will slowly build their confidence. Becoming proficient with an instrument is no easy feat. The better a student gets at playing it, the more confident they’ll feel about themselves.

Also, being in the band has teens often getting in front of people they don’t know. Whether playing the halftime show or participating in a band fundraiser, they will start interacting and talking with more people, which will also help their confidence.