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4 Ways To Get Alumni Involved in Your Fundraiser

4 Ways To Get Alumni Involved in Your Fundraiser


Every school fundraiser aims to pull at the heartstrings and purse strings of past students. But with so many initiatives vying for attention, it’s vital to cut through the noise and truly engage your alumni in a meaningful way. Leveraging alumni rapport is key to ensuring your fundraising ventures aren’t just successful but also sustainably supported by a community of generous individuals. Continue reading to discover some helpful ways to get alumni involved in your fundraiser.

Utilize Social Media

In today’s digital landscape, social media is the virtual town square where much of our interaction takes place. A dedicated Facebook group exclusively for alumni or an X hashtag that’s unique to your fundraising campaign can create a communal space for engagement.

Alumni love relatable content—share stories of fellow alumni’s successes, how their contributions are making a difference, and updates on the campaign’s progress. Remember that engagement is a two-way street; prompt conversations, respond to comments, and leverage user-generated content to make alumni feel like active participants, not just passive observers.

Prioritize Personalized Outreach

No one wants to feel like a cog in the impersonal fundraising wheel. Reach out to alumni with personalized emails or letters, recalling specific experiences or contributions they made during their time at the institution to show that you value them as individuals.

Highlighting how their support has shaped the school since they left can be surprisingly powerful. This approach humanizes the ask, making it more likely for alumni to rekindle their past affections and open their wallets.

Organize Alumni Networking Events

Who doesn’t love a good reunion or a networking opportunity? Organizing alumni-centric events such as formal reunions, casual meetups, or themed networking nights can reignite old connections while fostering new ones with a philanthropic twist.

These activities strengthen the community bond and provide a platform to demonstrate the impact of alumni contributions. Additionally, networking events make giving back an enjoyable social experience.

Offer Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are another way to get alumni involved in your fundraiser. Alumni who donate their time often become lifelong, committed supporters. Offer them volunteer opportunities that are meaningful and align with their professional or personal interests.

Mentorship programs, alumni advisory boards, or involvement in campus activities give alumni a unique, non-monetary way to support their institutions. These roles make them vital stakeholders in the success of the schools and can lead to more substantial financial support down the line.

Engaging alumni in a meaningful way isn’t just about the here and now; it’s about setting the stage for a long-term relationship that will support your school’s mission for years to come. At Vertical Raise, we can help you connect with alumni to support your band fundraising ideas or any other type of school fundraiser. With our customizable online donation platform, you can exponentially increase the reach of your event. Contact us today to learn how we can help you raise more money in less time.