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A Quick Overview of Fundraising Etiquette

A Quick Overview of Fundraising Etiquette


Successful fundraisers rely on manners to leave a good impression and show gratitude to donors. However, it’s easy to forget good etiquette. Luckily, you can brush up on your knowledge with this quick overview of fundraising etiquette.

Start and End With a Thank You

Showing gratitude is one of the most important aspects of fundraising, so always start by thanking your donors through an email, a handwritten note, or a phone call. This gesture proves that you value supporters. After receiving funding, don’t hesitate to thank donors again! A meaningful message is a great opportunity to tell donors how their contribution will impact the campaign.

Avoid Constant Communication

While communication is essential for establishing a connection with donors, too much communication is annoying. After all, no one wants to be bombarded with messages or feel obligated to give money. Keep your donors updated on your fundraising campaign, but avoid constant contact. Too many messages can come off as self-promotion and drive people away. Find a happy medium of communication to connect donors with your campaign.

Be Honest and Transparent

Honesty and transparency are valuable to donors. Let supporters know your goals and intentions, including the amount of money you want to raise and where the funds will go. Furthermore, being transparent about challenges you may encounter, whether timing or financial, can also build trust with donors.

Build Relationships

Fundraising is not all about soliciting donations. Building relationships and networks that can sustain and grow is also important! Use every opportunity to connect with your donors, volunteers, partners, and other stakeholders to build loyalty.

Consider hosting donor events, creating an advisory board, or offering opportunities for donors to volunteer in your programs. Building relationships allows you to turn one-time donors into ambassadors for your cause.

Focus in Social Settings

Fundraising events are often social and take place in relaxed settings. While it’s good to mingle with donors, don’t forget why you’re there—to raise funds! Essentially, don’t party “too hard.” Remember to remain professional and courteous, and consider your surroundings and audience.

This quick overview of fundraising etiquette can help you navigate various campaigns, so refer to our tips when it’s time to launch your next fundraiser. Consider Vertical Raise as your number one platform. We support everything from cheerleading fundraisers to crowdfunding campaigns. Get in touch with us soon!