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Athletic Fundraising Ideas for ROTC Programs

Athletic Fundraising Ideas for ROTC Programs


You can raise money for ROTC programs and help your group achieve any type of fundraising goal in several great ways. Since ROTC programs prepare young adults to become officers in the military, physical fitness-themed fundraising events are both fun and relevant. Check out these effective athletic fundraising ideas for ROTC programs.

Field Day

A field day fundraiser is a great way to get your entire community involved. Field days essentially consist of a variety of classic outdoor games. Tug-of-war, dodgeball, and kickball are just some of the activities you can plan during a field day fundraiser. Depending on the games you play, this type of event is ideal for families and kids of all ages, so it’s wise to advertise it throughout your community.

Charge a general entrance fee for all participants to raise money. You can also sell snacks and beverages during the event to earn some extra funds. The nice part about a field day is you can make it as competitive as you please. You can split participants into teams and award a trophy or special prize to the team that earns the most points at the end of the day.

Flag Football

Flag football is another fun athletic fundraising idea for ROTC programs. This type of event works particularly well during the fall when the NFL season kicks into full gear. Encourage members of your school or community to sign up for the event and host it on your school’s football field.

Once you have the list of participants, split them into two teams and let them battle it out on the field. Keep in mind this is flag football, so it’s important to emphasize there’s no tackling. You certainly don’t want anyone to get hurt at your fundraiser!

Be sure to charge each player a participation fee. Create custom t-shirts or jerseys for each team and sell them in advance if you really want to go the extra mile. Who doesn’t love to represent their team with some custom swag?

Fun Run

A fun run or walk is a classic fundraising event the whole family can enjoy. This type of activity is easy to organize and participate in, so you can get the whole town involved. Plus, you can set up an online fundraising page for the event, so individuals who can’t attend can still donate to support your cause.

Participants can also set up their own donation pages and encourage friends, family, and community members to make a pledge on their behalf. Once the day of the event arrives, participants will simply run or walk laps around the track. Donations can correspond to how many laps the individual completes, such as one dollar for every lap walked. Participants will feel more motivated to go the distance when they know each lap equals a donation.

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