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Band Fundraising Ideas That Actually Work

Band Fundraising Ideas That Actually Work


There’s no time for ineffective fundraising strategies, especially for band programs. Get the most out of your efforts with band fundraising ideas that actually work. You’ll have enough money for small and large expenditures.

Community Concert

Community concerts are an excellent way to raise money for band programs. After all, orchestras have everything they need–students and instruments! Invite students, faculty, parents, and community members to attend the concert. Each admission fee is a donation to the program. You can play fun, classical, and iconic songs to appeal to different people. For example, the Star Wars theme song is a fan-favorite tune.

Music-Themed Movie Night

What do The Sound of Music, Westside Story, and Grease have in common? They’re all popular musicals! Host a movie night in the school’s gym or auditorium and charge an entrance fee. Furthermore, charge for popcorn, candy, and drinks to increase revenue. This idea is perfect for students, parents, siblings, and community members. Everyone will have a melodious night!

Benefit Picnic

Benefit picnics are fun ways for supporters to enjoy band music while mingling with others. Each band member brings food or drink to the picnic and asks for donations as the admission fee. People enjoy tasty food, and band members can play tunes. If weather conditions are unfavorable, take this concept to the school gym.

Tutor Young Musicians

Tutoring sessions with young musicians is a band fundraising idea that actually works. Host a day-long workshop where young kids play alongside high school band members. The director can teach different skills, and the young musicians can work in tutoring groups led by high school students. Charge per musician and encourage additional donations. Advertise tutoring sessions at local elementary and middle schools to attract participants.

Merchandise Sale

Merchandise generates a lot of revenue and raises awareness about school bands. Host a merchandise sale and offer cool gear like “I’m with the band” T-shirts or water bottles with musical notes. You can sell gear during school events like sports games, plays, and band concerts.

Virtual Fundraising

Lastly, virtual fundraising is a great band fundraising idea because it’s simple and effective. Online donation platforms let students send page links to family and friends. Virtual fundraising is a short-term and long-term strategy that supports band programs. People can make multiple donations or share pages with their network. You can customize your donation page with pictures and fun memories of past concerts or events to entice more people to support your fundraiser.