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Creative Ways Dance Studios Can Raise Money


Owning a dance studio is a rewarding experience. You provide a creative outlet for dancers of all ages and watch people enhance their skills. Nonetheless, maintaining a studio is expensive. Don’t let finances stand in your way when there are creative ways dance studios can raise money.

Host Dance Workshops

Host dance workshops and entice the public to participate! Charge an entrance fee and host the master class. Typically, workshops gain a lot of attention, so you won’t have problems securing participants. However, too many participants are overwhelming for one or two teachers. Consider onboarding your best students to create breakout groups for the workshop. This way, participants receive the attention they need to complete dance routines. They also learn unique techniques from the teachers. Afterward, some participants might sign up for classes at the studio and become new students!

Have Special Genre Lessons

There are some dance genres that are challenging to find in most dance studios. While ballet and jazz are common, hula and Bollywood dance are rare. People travel to far-away studios for lessons but would rather have closer options. After all, who wants to commute an hour from home when a viable dance studio is five minutes away?

Cater to a unique market with special genre lessons. Offer special sessions once a month and charge a higher price for the lesson. People interested in different styles of dance will take advantage of the opportunity. This idea will help your studio raise money while attracting new students. Remember to promote special lessons at least one month before the session.

Do Virtual Performances

Performances are common ways for studios to raise money. After all, you charge attendees an entrance fee or sell tickets. Although in-person performances generate buzz, they’re only available to a local audience. But out-of-state friends and family don’t have to miss performances with a virtual show!

Host a performance on Zoom and only share the link with those who buy tickets or donate to the studio. With this dance studio fundraising idea, you need an online donation page to keep track of funds. When participants donate, tell them to send proof, such as a screenshot of the transaction. Then, send supporters the performance link.

Keep in mind that virtual performance donations have a deadline. Create a cut-off period to ensure everyone who donates receives the link before the show.

Have a Costume and Prop Sale

Having a costume and prop sale is a fast and creative way dance studios can raise money. Remember those costumes from last year’s showcase? What about those tap shoes from an old dancer? Your studio is sitting on money with old costumes and props! Instead of letting dancewear collect dust, sell the items.

Ask dancers and parents to bring in old leotards, shoes, props, and hairpieces to the studio. Sort through the items and determine prices. Of course, make sure everything is in good condition before the sale. Then, advertise the dancewear sale on social media and through word-of-mouth. Parents of young dancers are likely to purchase old costumes and dance essentials to build their child’s wardrobe without breaking the bank. This way, you get old costumes off your hands while raising funds for the studio!

Sell Branded Merchandise

Typically, competitive dance teams have group names. Order sweatshirts, T-shirts, water bottles, and other items with the team’s name. Group members are likely to purchase branded gear. Friends, family, and supporters may also purchase these items. After all, parents love wearing branded gear to competitions and supporting the team!

If your studio doesn’t participate in competitions, you can still create branded merchandise for the studio. Keychains, bags, and apparel with the studio’s logo are popular. This merch will also build brand awareness in daily situations. For example, a student in a branded T-shirt might catch someone’s eye. That person then might research the studio and sign up for lessons. You never know who you’ll reach!

Rent Out the Studio

Rent out studio space to other instructors and groups when you’re not occupying it. The versatile design of dance studios makes the space ideal for various activities. Birthday parties, fitness classes, and of course, dance lessons are great fits! Renting lets you generate extra income and give dancers room to practice or events places to occur.

Once you secure trustworthy renters, you don’t have to do much on your end. Make sure the space is clean and give instructions to renters. For example, tell them to turn off studio lights after sessions. Also, to protect the studio, create agreements for every renter. The contract can outline damage and incidentals. For example, renters are responsible for any damage they cause and must pay for repairs.

Plan Parents’ Night Out

Parents need a break to unwind or let loose. Consider a parents’ night out as an elevated babysitting service for your younger students. Parents drop off their kiddos for a night of pizza, dancing, and fun activities at the dance studio. Then, they’re free to enjoy a kid-free night with the assurance their children are safe.

Charge per child and schedule a drop-off/pick-up time. For instance, start drop-off at 4 pm and pick-up at 10 pm. This is more than enough time for parents to enjoy their night!


Parents’ night out suggests parents have fun for the evening. If you’re interested in catering to adults, host a party at the studio. Charge an entrance fee and have food, dancing, and cocktails. Tell them to leave the kids with a babysitter and let them enjoy a fun night!

Have a Movie Night

Dance studios are versatile because they’re open spaces. Host a movie night and charge for tickets and snacks. Dancers, parents, and community members can attend the event! Dim the lights, get a projector, and create the ultimate movie atmosphere. Consider dance-themed films to make the evening extra fun. Here are some movie ideas:

  • Fame
  • Honey
  • Save The Last Dance
  • Footloose
  • Step Up
  • Westside Story

Consider Drop-in Dance Classes

Although dancers have their preferred genre, it doesn’t mean they can’t try different dance styles. A ballet dancer may want to try hip-hop, or a salsa dancer may want to try contemporary. Offer drop-in classes to all students for a reasonable fee. The studio makes money, and students gain exposure to various styles.

By learning new techniques, students adapt movements to their dance genres. Who wouldn’t love a ballet hip-hop mash-up? Dance is about expressing yourself through movement, and new lessons create better dancers!

Support Your Studio

Dance studios are central to communities and schools because they’re sources of creativity. The arts encourage people to showcase their passion to the world. Unfortunately, financial struggles lead to studio closures. It’s important to support your studio through solid fundraising efforts. Use one or all of our ideas to help your business. People will be more than happy to support your studio!

Creative Ways Dance Studios Can Raise Money