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Effective Virtual Fundraising Activities Everyone Will Love

Effective Virtual Fundraising Activities Everyone Will Love


Virtual fundraising has become increasingly popular over recent years due to its effectiveness and convenience. If you don’t have the time or resources to plan an in-person fundraiser for your team or organization, there are several effective virtual fundraising activities everyone will love. Plus, a virtual event allows you to expand your reach beyond people in your immediate community, so you can easily increase your donations. Let’s explore some successful ways to raise money online for your group.

Virtual Cooking Class

In today’s digital world, almost anything can be done virtually, so why not host a virtual cooking class? Whether you learn how to make pasta or bake a cake, your team can partner with a local restaurant and live stream the virtual cooking class event. Use an online donation platform to charge admission to the event.

You can even offer special add-ons for additional donations, such as a private lesson with the chef after the class has ended. If your donation platform has a live chat feature, you can encourage participants to donate more throughout the event to reach specific goals.

Virtual Walk or Run

In-person walks or runs are some of the most popular ways to raise money for a good cause, but you can also host a virtual race. If you’ve organized a walk-a-thon, fun run, or stair climb, you can easily incorporate a virtual fundraising component. Simply charge participants a registration fee through an online donation form, and on the day of the event, those who are registered will complete the event wherever they are.

To boost donations for a virtual race, encourage participants to start their own donation page to raise money from family and friends. You can also increase your event’s exposure by creating a hashtag and asking individuals to post photos on social media during the race. If you have the budget, you can even create branded merchandise prior to the virtual walk or run and sell it for a nominal fee.

Virtual Movie Night

Another effective virtual fundraising activity everyone will love is a movie night. Movie nights are easy to put together, so this is a great option if you’re in a pinch and need to raise funds as quickly as possible. Simply decide on a family-friendly movie and charge a fee to join the screening. If you want to show a first-run movie, consider partnering with a local theater to stream the film.

At the beginning or end of the event, reiterate how the proceeds from the movie night will be used and encourage participants to make additional donations. If your online donation platform allows you to chat in real time, you can also send friendly reminders throughout the movie.

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