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Everything To Know About Digital Discount Card Fundraising

Everything To Know About Digital Discount Card Fundraising


Digital discount card fundraising is popular and effective for nonprofit organizations and community groups raising money. The cards support organizations and local establishments by offering donors access to exclusive discounts from various businesses. Here’s everything you need to know about digital discount card fundraising!

Revolutionizing Fundraising Efforts

In today’s digital age, innovative and efficient alternatives replace traditional fundraising methods. Digital discount card fundraising eliminates the need for physical cards or coupon books and offers a range of benefits for both fundraisers and donors. It also leverages digital platforms or apps to provide donors with access to various discounts. Instead of purchasing physical cards, donors can download an app onto their smartphones or use a digital platform to access discounts from local, statewide, and national businesses.

Advantages of Digital Discount Card Fundraising

Digital discount card fundraising offers various benefits and conveniences for both fundraisers and donors:


Digital discount card fundraising eliminates the need for physical cards or coupon books, making it easier for fundraisers to manage and distribute them. Donors can access discounts directly from their smartphones or other devices.

Broader Reach

Digital card fundraising allows organizations to reach a wider audience. Supporters can easily share the digital card with their friends, family, and social media networks, expanding the reach of the fundraising campaign. Additionally, digital platforms can attract tech-savvy generations who are more likely to participate in digital fundraising initiatives.

Wide Range of Discounts

Again, these digital platforms often provide access to discounts from local, statewide, and national businesses. This variety makes the fundraising cards more appealing to current and prospective donors.


An essential thing to know about digital discount card fundraising is that it eliminates printing and shipping costs. Physical cards require printing and shipping, which can pull from the campaign’s budget. Fortunately, digital cards allow fundraisers to maximize profits and allocate funds directly to their cause.


Campaign runners can customize digital fundraising cards and update them when needed. These abilities let fundraisers add new discounts or modify existing ones. This flexibility also ensures the cards remain attractive to donors over time.

Tracking and Reporting

Digital platforms often provide analytics and reporting features that allow fundraisers to track sales, monitor usage, and evaluate the success of their fundraising campaigns. This data can help people make better decisions for their fundraising efforts.

Environmental Impact

By eliminating the need for physical cards, digital discount card fundraising contributes to reduced paper waste. This aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Special Consideration

Note that the specific features and benefits of digital cards may vary depending on the digital platform you choose for your fundraising campaign. Carefully assess different options, and select a platform that aligns with your goals and target audience.

How Does Digital Card Fundraising Work?

Now that we understand what digital discount cards are and their advantages, let’s explore how digital discount card fundraising works:

Fundraising Company

Organizations partner with a fundraising company specializing in digital discount card programs. These companies create and manage the platform that hosts the discount cards.

Card Creation

The organization works with the fundraising company to customize its digital discount cards. This involves selecting local businesses and negotiating deals and discounts to be featured on the card.

Card Distribution

The organization promotes the digital discount card to its supporters, usually through email campaigns, social media, and other marketing channels. Then, supporters can download the app or access the digital card through a website.

Card Usage

Once supporters have the digital discount card, they can use it to unlock various discounts and deals at participating businesses. This could include deals on products, services, or even exclusive offers.

Get the most out of campaigns by following excellent advice. Here are tips for a successful digital discount card fundraiser:

Start Early

Begin planning your digital discount card fundraising campaign well in advance. Allow four to six weeks of preparation before the launch date to ensure a smooth process.

Cultivate Local Business Relationships

Build relationships with local businesses to secure attractive discounts for your digital cards. Collaborate with them to create exclusive offers that will appeal to your target audience.

Promote the Value of Cards

Discuss the benefits and savings that supporters will gain from purchasing and using the digital discount card. Emphasize the available discounts and explain how they can help donors save money while supporting your cause.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can help you promote your digital discount card fundraising campaign. Frequently share updates, engaging content, and success stories to generate excitement and encourage participation.

Securing Donor Engagement

Foster a sense of community by involving supporters in your fundraising efforts. Encourage them to share their experiences using the digital discount card and provide testimonials on social media. Then, you can feature them on your page. Social proof can attract new donors and build trust among your audience.

Send custom emails to your supporters, expressing gratitude for their contributions and providing updates on the campaign’s progress. Tailor the messaging depending on their level of involvement, and highlight how their support helps the cause!

For additional support, you can incentivize supporters to promote the digital discount card. For example, you can reward top contributors with special prizes or recognition.

How To Choose the Right Platform

Conduct thorough research to identify various platforms that cater to digital discount card fundraising. You’ll need a user-friendly platform, so consider the ease of use for each platform. Look for user-friendly navigation that will make it simple for both you and your supporters to navigate and utilize the platform.

Assess customization options, and determine if you can personalize the fundraising campaign to align with your organization’s branding. Lastly, review the payment processing to ensure the platform offers secure and reliable payment gateways that accept various payment methods.

Embrace modern approaches to fundraisers with the right platform. Vertical Raise can help you maximize profits and positively impact your cause. Whether you need football fundraiser ideas or suggestions on future campaigns, we have your back!

Everything To Know About Digital Discount Card Fundraising