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Fundraising Ideas for Future Farmers of America

Fundraising Ideas for Future Farmers of America


The Future Farmers of America is one of the largest youth organizations that teaches agriculture, leadership, and life skills. FFA programs aren’t cheap as they require hands-on experience in agricultural studies. Fortunately, these fundraising ideas for Future Farmers of America can support chapters.

Farmer’s Market

A farmer’s market is an in-person marketplace for buying or selling products from local farms. The markets are popular because they offer fresh produce at cheaper prices than grocery stores. FFA members can raise money by selling produce grown on their properties.

The FFA chapter can generate a produce coop where participants pay for produce upfront, or individually price the goods. Either way, chapters can raise money and give communities fresh food.

Pie Sale

Who doesn’t love a fresh pie? They’re delicious with an enticing aroma. FFA chapters can plan a pie sale fundraiser for their group. Members can collect fresh fruit from their gardens and determine pie flavors.

It’s important to note that you can sell a pie three different ways through bake sales, made-to-order sales, and pick-up style sales. Members should pick their preferred style in advance to ensure they have enough time for the fundraiser.

Tractor Rides

Tractor rides are a great fundraising idea for Future Farmers of America because they gain a lot of attention. Besides agricultural workers, people don’t use big farm equipment. People will enjoy a close look at tractors as a member of FFA steers the machine. Members can charge $5 per ride and determine the ride’s length.

This simple yet fun idea is great for kids, or anyone interested in farming tools. A club member can take photos of people on their ride to commemorate the experience.

Brochure Fundraiser

A brochure fundraiser is an event held by an organization, club, or team with the intention of selling items to raise funds. The brochure fundraisers are most effective when items are relevant to the organization’s mission. Luckily, people like to buy, use, and eat all sorts of things FFA chapters make and grow.

Some common items include cookie dough, popcorn, wrapping paper, candles, and coffee mugs. Participants order things from a catalog, and 50 percent of the proceeds go to the FFA chapter.

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