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How Social Media Can Boost Your Fundraising Efforts

How Social Media Can Boost Your Fundraising Efforts


Back in the day, getting in touch with family members and friends wasn’t as easy as it is today. Trying to get a hold of them was a struggle because the only place you could talk on the phone was at home. Plus, if they lived far away, you might have needed to pay long-distance fees to even have a conversation with them.

The popularization of the cellphone fixed many of these issues, but the boom of social media is what really got all of us connected. Now, you can simply read a few updates and know what everyone is up to—it’s quite the change.

While social media has changed a lot of what we do, one thing that not enough people use it for is fundraising. Raising money for school and private programs can be so much easier through these platforms. In this post, we’ll go over exactly how social media can boost any of your fundraising efforts.

Reach Family and Friends More Easily

As previously stated, social media has made connecting with family and friends much easier. Why not use that to your advantage when doing a fundraiser? Instead of calling or going to their homes, you can simply post about it online, tag those who might be interested in donating, and wait for them to contact you. You could always reach out with personal phone calls later, but a simple social media post will reduce many troubles.

Find Support in New Places

After family and friends, some people try asking neighbors or coworkers for funds. While this is effective, it’s time-consuming and doesn’t always yield desirable results. With social media, you might be able to get the attention of people or groups you would have never thought of before, expanding your potential reach.

Raise Awareness of Smaller Groups

In the past, the more well-known fundraisers were the ones that typically raised the most money. A perfect example is the Girl Scout Cookies campaign. Everyone loves these cookies, so they practically sell themselves.

With social media, though, you can help bring more attention to smaller, overlooked groups. For example, if you’re looking to do a dance team fundraiser, you can get more people to pay attention to you online. Social media is an even playing field. While the big sellers might still garner more attention, your smaller groups at least stand a chance through the use of likes and shares.

Earn Money in New Ways

The best way to use social media to boost your fundraising efforts is to try out new fundraising formats that were never possible in the past. A good example of this is online crowdfunding. By eliminating the need to sell a product and simply asking for donations, you lower the bar of entry for potential donors.

With crowdfunding, you won’t need to gather personal details to send products in exchange for donations. Instead, you only need a payment processing method and a social media presence.