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Setting a Realistic Goal for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Setting a Realistic Goal for Your Crowdfunding Campaign


Successful crowdfunding starts with clear goals. But first, you need a strategic outlook to set a realistic goal for your crowdfunding campaign. Follow the advice below for the best results!

Identify Your Campaign Objectives

Identifying your campaign objectives is critical to setting a crowdfunding goal. What are you trying to achieve? How will funds support your campaign? Of course, the overall goal is to raise money. But it helps to give people an overview of objectives. When you ask for donations, most people want specific details on projects—rarely do individuals blindly throw money at campaigns. By identifying your objectives, you can attract more donors and run more efficiently.

Assess the Project Costs

Don’t overpromise or underdeliver on costs. You want an accurate estimate of project costs to create the right monetary goal. If you’re crowdfunding for a business, acknowledge equipment prices, labor costs, marketing efforts, and other company-related expenditures.

If you undercut the necessary costs, you won’t receive the support you need. Conversely, if you go with an extremely high goal, you may deter donors from the campaign. Generally, you want a realistic cost projection.

Think About Donor Demographic

Crowdfunding raises money from many people to finance projects or businesses. When setting a donor goal, always think about your donor demographic. Who are the people who will likely support the campaign? Consider their lifestyle, resources, and income.

If your supporters are middle-class or low-income individuals, raising one million dollars may be unrealistic. However, this goal may be possible if you have an affluent network of people. Basically, work in the best interests of your potential supporters!

Create a Campaign Date

Every campaign has a start and end date, and campaign dates influence your goals by giving people adequate time to raise money. Therefore, the date can make or break your campaign. For example, raising $500,000 in one month is unrealistic for most people. However, raising that money in one year is reasonable.

Write a Clear and Concise Goal

Identifying your objectives, assessing costs, considering donor demographics, and creating a campaign date help you set a realistic goal for your crowdfunding campaign. When you piece together all the elements, write a clear and concise goal. With a persuasive, logic-backed goal, you’ll gain the most support.

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