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Ways To Get More Volunteers Involved in a Fundraiser

Ways To Get More Volunteers Involved in a Fundraiser


Volunteers are great assets to campaigns. However, a lack of participation can affect the fundraiser’s success. Expand your organization’s reach by reviewing the ways to get more volunteers involved in a fundraiser.

Use Existing Volunteers To Recruit People

Your current volunteers can serve as ambassadors for the fundraising campaign. Generally, people are more likely to engage with an organization when they see others participating. Ask volunteers to refer individuals from their network to the organization. Current volunteers can discuss the campaign’s goal, story, and mission. They can also discuss why the fundraiser needs extra participation to improve the campaign’s reach.

Reach Out to Friends and Family

Expand your campaign by enlisting people you already know—your friends and family! But avoid sales-pitch discussions when talking to your personal network. You want to attract people to the campaign through casual discussion and personalized communication. Inform people that their contributions can enhance the fundraiser and that you’ll appreciate the support.

Host Information Sessions

People want to learn more about an organization before participating in it. Therefore, you can host information sessions for potential volunteers. Explain the cause and reasons behind the fundraiser. You can also enlist current volunteers to provide their perspectives on the organization. The idea is to attract new participants and gain a group of volunteers at the end of the information sessions.

Make Participation Simple

A fantastic way to get more volunteers involved in a fundraiser is to make participation simple. Use word-of-mouth advertising, social media posts, and websites to make opportunities easy to find. List all your volunteer opportunities online and have a clear call to action. For example, “Contact Amy Smith for more information” or “Click here to get involved” are clear directions for online posts. Doing this will improve visibility and attract more people to the cause.

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