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What You Should Include in Your Online Fundraising Campaign

What You Should Include in Your Online Fundraising Campaign


There are critical steps that increase the success of your fundraiser. We outline the things you should include in your online fundraising campaign to support your initiative. Include these essential elements for the best outcome!

The Beneficiaries of the Campaign

Inherently, fundraising is all about obtaining money for a specific cause. When you solicit donations, you need to identify the beneficiaries. People are less likely to support a faceless organization or shady campaign.

Make sure the fundraising page discusses the people who benefit from donations by making a statement like, “Your donation of 25 dollars will help Jefferson High School cheer team go to the national competition.” This may be one person or a group of people. You can add pictures or a video to foster an emotional connection with donors.

A Compelling Story

Along with discussing the beneficiaries of a campaign, you need a compelling story. What is the “why” behind the fundraiser? Compelling stories encourage people to donate because it shows how a good deed will impact someone’s life. Include facts, interesting details, and other information that supports the campaign. Remember to post the story on the donation page and social media outlets to gain the most attention.

A Fundraising Goal

The point of the campaign is to raise money. So, you should include the monetary goal in your online fundraising campaign. Showcase the goal and how close you are to reaching it throughout the campaign. This will excite supporters and encourage them to help more.

Imagine needing 100 dollars to reach a goal, and someone decides to close out the campaign. Displaying the goal offers a transparent look at the campaign, and people will see how their donations help!

The Campaign Timeline

We’ve all waited until the last minute to get something done. Donating to causes is no different. Successful fundraising campaigns include a specific time to give. When you keep donors aware of limited time, they’ll understand the sense of urgency, which will drive up donations.

However, it’s important to align realistic goals with the timeline. Raising 20,000 dollars in one week is unrealistic, but raising it in six months is more feasible (depending on your donor network).

Give supporters enough time to help your campaign.

Call to Action

Online fundraisers rely on word-of-mouth, peer-to-peer, and social media advertising. It’s easy to connect with a personal network of people. But what happens when you contact all your friends and family? The campaign doesn’t go beyond your group.

Include a call to action on your donation page. After people donate money, have a “Please share” link on the site. This increases the reach of your campaign and can increase funds!

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