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4 Easy Fundraising Ideas for Your Soccer Team

4 Easy Fundraising Ideas for Your Soccer Team


Even though soccer is a sport that requires very little equipment and gear, teams still need money to keep themselves going. Unfortunately, not all school districts recognize this, so it’s up to the coaches to think of fundraisers to raise the funds they need to function. If you need help coming up with ones that’ll work well for your team, these easy soccer fundraising ideas should be quite helpful for your team.

Join a Sneaker Recycling Program

Depending on the age of your players, there’s a good chance they will grow out of their sneakers and cleats well before they’ve worn out. Even older players tend to go through shoes quickly due to changes in style or functionality. If you notice your players going through their shoes quickly, you should join a program that allows you to donate them for cash.

As long as the shoes are in usable condition, you can collect them from your players and take them to a local sneaker recycling program. For each shoe you collect, you receive some money that you can put toward your team. Be sure to tell your players to ask family and friends for their old shoes as well to help boost your fundraising income.

Host a Fun Run

During practice, it can seem like your soccer team runs more than the cross-country team. Why not put those skills to use? If you host a local fun run with your team, you’ll be able to raise a good amount of money for each mile your players run. All your players need to do is ask family and friends to donate on a per-mile basis. Plus, you can do this during the season because it’ll allow your team to practice and make money simultaneously.

Start a Soccer Camp

Even though soccer isn’t the most popular sport in America, it has grown significantly in recent years. One of the biggest things holding it back is the lack of knowledge about it. Most parents introduce their children to sports like football and baseball at a young age but neglect soccer as an option.

If your team were to set up a soccer camp and charge a fair price for your services, you’d be able to help drive an interest in the sport at an early age. The best part is that you wouldn’t even need to hire anyone. Ask your team for volunteers who want to instill an interest in soccer in kids at a young age. We’re sure you’ll have some interested players. Plus, many soccer players love showing off their skills while teaching others how to do the same.

Try Online Crowdfunding

Finally, if you’re looking for a really easy fundraiser for your soccer team that takes up virtually no time, you should look into online crowdfunding. This soccer fundraiser method has become quite popular lately because your players won’t have to spend time after school trying to sell products to family and friends. All they need to do is send out some emails, text messages, and social media posts; the rest takes care of itself.