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4 Unique Crowdfunding Ideas for Baseball Teams


4 Unique Crowdfunding Ideas for Baseball Teams

Often, when someone hears the term crowdfunding, they think of online resources such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter. While sites like those have taken over the term, crowdfunding relates to any method of obtaining financing with small installments from many people.

This means you can essentially perform this form of fundraising any way you see fit. If you’re unsure where to start, though, we’ve come up with some unique ideas on how to crowdfund your baseball team.

Run a Hit-a-Thon

Let’s start with a baseball classic: the hit-a-thon. These events are a lot of fun for both the audience and the players. People will choose which of your participating hitters to sponsor, and every time those players get a hit, their sponsors will need to donate a predetermined amount of money. And if that hit turns into a home run, that amount of money will increase.

While these events usually bring in a big crowd, you can have your players advertise themselves on social media to draw more people in. Be sure to offer some refreshments as well, since you can also make some money off those sales.

Host a Cookout Fundraiser

Everyone loves a cookout, so you might as well turn it into a fundraiser. Many sports teams throw parties, especially at the end of the season. So if you want to make some money on your next one, you should turn it into a full-on event.

Fans will gladly pay an entrance fee to come and hang out with the team and eat some good food, especially on the tail-end of a winning season. Of course, you can use this technique with any sort of meal-based event, but cookouts are synonymous with baseball.

Sell Team Merch

One crowdfunding idea for your baseball team that’s almost as old as the sport itself is the sale of team merchandise. People love supporting their local teams everywhere they go, so offering shirts, hats, and other apparel gives them the ability to wear your team colors with pride.

With the ability to sell merch online, the expanse of this option is larger than ever. People don’t even have to come to your games to buy something from you. This makes it easier to reach an even larger crowd.

Consider Online Crowdfunding

In the end, the best way to crowdfund is through the online sources that everyone has become so familiar with. Here at Vertical Raise, we’ve taken the online crowdfunding concept and turned it into an effective baseball fundraising idea.

You can quickly inform supporters of the team through email, text, and social media that you’re looking for donations. This process is quick and has proven to be quite effective. If your team needs funds, this is the most effective method of getting them.