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5 of the Most Effective Fundraising Strategies

5 of the Most Effective Fundraising Strategies


Strategies are crucial to the success of your fundraising campaign. Therefore, you want efficient techniques to maximize your reach. Explore five of the most effective fundraising strategies and apply them to your next campaign.

Create Online Giving Options

Any barriers between your campaign and donors will reduce the success of your fundraiser. The easier it is to give, the more likely your campaign is to thrive. Provide online giving options for a straightforward process. Post a “donate” button on your website or make donation pages shareable. The goal is to reach tons of people with efficient fundraiser tactics.

Suggest Donation Amounts

Suggesting donation amounts is one of the most effective fundraising strategies because it improves the user experience. It makes it easier for your donors to choose their donation amount and help your campaign reach its goal. You can set a flexible donation range based on past gifts. For example, five to 100 dollars is a practical range for many campaigns. However, you should offer an “other amount” option where supporters can donate their preferred amount.

Incentivize Donors

A way to engage with your donors is to know their motivations. Simply put, what will make them want to support your campaign? In many cases, incentives motivate people to help fundraisers.

After all, who doesn’t love gifts? You can incentivize donors with branded gear in exchange for specific donation amounts. For example, individuals can receive T-shirts and hats for donations over $50. This simple strategy can dramatically improve your campaign and encourages people to donate large amounts.

Host In-Person Events

Hosting in-person events is a fantastic strategy to showcase stories, highlight partnerships, and increase awareness of your campaign. It’s also a great way to collect a lot of donations at once. Set up giving booths and accept cash, checks, or online donations. This way, you can accommodate various donors and stay on track for the campaign. The in-person occasions can also intertwine donations with the event itself. For instance, an entrance fee for the event counts as a donation.

Partner With Other Organizations

Partner with other organizations to expand your campaign’s reach. For example, partner with the local animal shelter if you raise money for animal rescues or with human rights organizations for resettlement agency campaigns. Basically, have someone co-sign the campaign to improve visibility and bring positive press to your fundraiser.

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