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5 Useful Tips To Raise Money Online for Any Cause

5 Useful Tips To Raise Money Online for Any Cause


The right advice makes fundraising easy. Read our five useful tips to raise money online for any cause and apply them to your campaign to maximize results.

Be Transparent About Goals

Whether your nonprofit raises money for animal rescue or your cheerleading team needs new uniforms, people want to know how their money supports the cause. Be transparent about fundraising goals through storytelling. Explain why you need the funds, your connection to the cause, and how donations will help the recipients.

Select a User-Friendly Donation Site

No one likes a tricky website, especially digital fundraising pages. That’s why it’s important to select user-friendly sites for effective fundraising. Assess website design, customer support options, functionality, and page-sharing capabilities.

Too often, people choose sites without considering the user experience. Though it might be easy on the administrative side, it may not be easy on the consumer side. Generally, you want a good all-around platform.

Determine Your Target Donor Audience

Choosing a target donor audience is a useful tip to raise money online for any cause. Of course, collecting as much money as possible is ideal for any campaign. But people assume reaching out to any and everyone is an effective fundraising method.

The best way to drive engagement is by defining the target audience. Reach out to people who align with the cause. For example, student-athlete parents, coaches, and alumni are likely to support online soccer team fundraisers. The target audience is familiar with the sport or knows someone on the team.

Organizations receive a majority of their donations from supporters who understand the cause!

Ask Supporters To Spread the Word

Promotion, promotion, promotion. You can’t support something you don’t know about. Typically, fundraiser advertising includes social media posts or paid ad space on websites. However, this only reaches people within a limited group.

To reach more people, ask supporters to spread the word about donations. After donors give money, send a friendly message that says, “Please share the donation page link.” This way, they can advertise the fundraiser on their pages, reaching more people!

Give Campaign Updates

Post regular updates to keep donors, family, and friends engaged with the campaign. It also reminds donors of the ongoing efforts and encourages them to donate again. Use the updates to thank supporters, remind people how close you are to reaching your goal, and express gratitude along the journey.